Our Clinic

As you enter our warm and inviting clinic you will be welcomed into our physio family immediately.

 What to expect on your initial consultation


The first thing we will do together is get a clear history of what has been going on for you, how this is impacting your life and work out what it is exactly that you are wanting to achieve.


The second thing we will do is an objective examination. This may involve: assessing your strength, stiff joints, tight muscles, along with any specific ligament tests as indicated. We also observe and assess how you move and perform certain tasks that are causing your pain Eg reaching up to a cupboard or performing a squat.


By combining the information obtained from your history and examination we should have a clear picture of what is causing your pain and commence appropriate treatment.

The final thing we do is provide you with a very clear understanding of what is causing your pain, expected recovery and discuss what we need to do together in order to achieve the goals YOU created at the beginning of our session.


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