We enjoy treating these often chronic, challenging and debilitating conditions.
Let us help you fix the cause of the problem using a safe and conservative approach with no side effects.

  • There are many different documented classifications of primary headaches however the cause of each headache/migraine is poorly understood
  • Widely accepted that the many different classifications of headache/ migraine all share a common disorder
    – a sensitised brain, specifically the Trigeminocervical Nucleus (TCN)

Sensitised Brain

  • The brain is influenced by information from both the facial nerve and the top 3 levels of your spine in your neck – Abnormal information from disorders in these structures has the potential to sensitise your brain and therefore cause a headache or migraine i.e the cervical spine can be the cause of a migraine
  • Research has shown The Watson Headache Approach, by reproducing and lessening headache/migraine symptoms desensitises the brain – the fundamental disorder of the headache/migraine process. All of our staff have been trained personally by The Watson Headache Approach founder, Dr Dean Watson.

The Watson Headache Approach is a safe, non-invasive, systematic approach to treating those suffering from headache and migraine. You are expected to feel a significant improvement in your condition within 5 sessions for further treatment to be warranted.

Those with a successful outcome are either pain-free without a recurrence or at the very least have their symptoms improved to significantly more tolerable levels.

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